Michael Bade

Full stack software engineer | Austin, TX


Trail Run Planner

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Vegan Camping Cookbook Collective

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Doggo Playdate

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Mileage Tracker App

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Superb Roofing LLC

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Tandem for 400!

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Blog Amateur Blogger, published with The Startup

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Working at Texas State University

March 9, 20201

WOW! The past three months have flown by. I’m so honored and excited to announce that in November I accepted a position as a Front End Developer with the Texas School Safety Center. This blog is simply an opportunity to reflect on my first three months with this wonderful company, some tips concerning the entire application process, and how Flatiron set me up for success as a Front End Developer. The Texas School Safety Center is a...

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JS Interview Help: Prototype, Class(ES6), IIFE, Scope, Closures, Module Pattern

November 5, 2020

When a new Object is formed, the JS engine adds a __proto__ property to the new object. This points to the prototype object of the constructor function. All JS objects take in, or inherit, properties and methods from a prototype. For instance, Dog objects inherit from Dog.prototype. String objects inherit from String.prototype...

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RAILS Project: A Doggo Playdate App!

August 3, 2020

When thinking about what to base this Rails project on, I thought about how Covid-19 has affected so many areas of our lives. For many dog owners, dog parks have officially shut down in most major cities. With this app, users are able to add new Parks, new Playdates, and a Review for each Park. There are several validations with each newly created object, and users can not edit/delete other users’ information...

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From Opera, and Teaching: Why Coding?

June 15, 2020

Anyone who transitions from one career into another is always asked this question: “Why are you changing careers?” Everyone has a “why”; it’s their reason for closing one chapter and moving onto the next. The “why” is what drives you through tough times and pushes you into something incredible, unfamiliar, new, exciting, stressful, overwhelming, and wonderful. My “why” comes from a long-lost and short-lived passion discovered in a high school classroom in...

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Picture at Guadalupe Mountain in West Texas.

Meet Michael

"Write code that matters..." - Nate Hilpert, Heart Support

I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer with a passion for creativity and making abstract ideas come to life. Before venturing into Software Engineering, I sang opera professionally, taught Middle School choir for 4 years, and led several community/church choirs. All of these professional experiences brought new challenges, allowed the opportunity to learn new skill sets, and made me realize the best way to communicate and get people involved as a community is through human connection.

While I loved some aspects of teaching music, I found myself sitting down every evening wanting to learn more about web site/app design. In January 2020, I started to seriously pursue a career shift by studying HTML, CSS, and JS. This preparation led to an acceptance into the Flatiron School in April, and started the program in the middle of May. After embracing their rigorous 5-month self-paced program which focused on JavaScript, React/Redux, and Ruby on Rails, I graduated mid-October. The training I received at Flatiron was incredible. The program deconstructed and explained fundamental programming concepts, showing me new ways of writing code.

One month after graduation, I interviewed for and accepted a wonderful opportunity as a frontend developer at the Texas School Safety Center in November 2020. TxSSC has provided some wonderful challenges which have further solidified my philosophies as a software engineer. Our school systems are in a tough position right now with regular mass shootings and outdated scenario drills. While it's easy to become entranced by the blue screen of code, I'm empowered to have the opportunity to write "code that matters" for the public school system. This mindset has pushed me to become a better developer, constantly continuing to learn and ask questions.

After hours you can find me digesting new coding books, looking for new meetups to discuss software design, and designing new apps/sites for my portfolio and friends. I love creativity, helping others find their inspiration, seeing things come to life, opera, hiking, running, reading, music, and the arts. Musical creativity and integrity makes notes on a page come alive. In a similar way, lines of code bring life to our web browsers and connect all of us together digitally! Let's connect some time and share ideas!